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The Effect of COVID19 on Experiential Marketing

Instagram Live Q & A Event Recap

AMA Los Angeles presented its third Instagram Live Lunch & Learn Q & A on April 15 with Kelly Vaught, Chief Marketing Officer of the experiential marketing agency BeCore. Kelly shared his experience and opinions on how his company is working through the Coronavirus crisis, and how he thinks it might affect experiential marketing once we all get back to work.

Kelly started by talking about an often-overlooked strength of experiential marketing at a time when we don’t have the ability to get together in person—. He recognized the empathy that marketers have towards clients and customers. “Our motto at BeCore is that we celebrate and strengthen communities and connections. We care about people and that gives us a number of ways to fulfill our role.”

Regarding how the firm is coping, Kelly related how after everybody had processed the first shock, his team turned to practical matters. Not only did they strategize about optimal ways to hold virtual meetings, but they have been doing some business planning as well. The agency staff has also used the time to sit down with clients and talk about new ways to move forward.

It’s not as simple as just switching client projects to online and digital versions, Kelly said, comparing it regarding the sudden switch to online and video conference meetings that so many of us are experiencing. “The reality is we communicate differently on different platforms. Without body language, the nuances can be missed. You can’t just assume that whatever we were going to do at South by Southwest we can just do a version of online. It doesn’t always translate that way.”

While it’s a huge challenge, Kelly also sees it as a chance for more contemplation and the opportunity to get really creative about the solutions they offer to clients. “I think there’s going to be another side of what we’re dealing with right now that will generate a boom in creative thinking, and we will start thinking differently than before.” Kelly mused.

But what the transition period will look like, how firms like BeCore will be able to help people safely move back towards more in-person or immersive events is still unclear. It seems likely that marketers will have to think carefully about providing masks and gloves, allowing for spacing and helping people become comfortable again. “And then, just like it is now, it’ll continue to evolve and adapt as we learn more and experience more.”

If you missed it, you can catch up on 30-minute session on our Instagram account. AMA Los Angeles has planned several of these snackable lunch and learn events. Take a look at what’s coming up!


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