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AMA-LA Breakout Volunteer of the Year Award 2020

By Alison Harrison

This year we recognized one of our amazing volunteers for going above and beyond during the last year with AMA-LA. Shanshan Li was awarded the Breakout Volunteer of the Year award, and we sat down with her to ask about her experience.

AMA-LA:   What’s was your role with AMA Los Angeles this year?

SL: I was the event planning manager.

AMA-LA:     What did that involve?

SL: My role was comprised of assisting with both social and educational programming. I was involved from the ideation to implementation and optimization. Prior to COVID when we could do in-person events, a lot of what I did for social events was thinking up social gathering ideas, finding the best venues, and preparing all the materials needed for the marketing team. During COVID my focus switched to more educational programming, which includes the ideation and planning for online events.

AMA-LA:  What’s been your favorite thing about volunteering with the chapter?

SL: My favorite thing about volunteering with the chapter is that I get to meet different kinds of amazing and successful people in the industry that I would otherwise have not met. I gain friendship as well as mentorship out of my participation.

AMA-LA:  Is there one thing that stands out as the most fun or the most successful from the year?
SL: I would say our last event of the year, which was also our first online webinar. COVID changed a lot of aspects of our lives, including how we interact with our members and add value to their life. Under the leadership of our board, we were able to pivot and generate something out of nothing. Even though there were a lot of breakdowns, we were able to conquer them all together as a team. I learned so much just from the four months working on The Future of Experiential Marketing, Events, and Brand Experiences webinar. It was a great journey and I am very proud of how successful the webinar was.

AMA-LA:  What advice would you give to anyone thinking about volunteering with the chapter?
SL: When you think about volunteering, it’s not about how much you personally can gain but how much you can contribute. Of course, you will get tremendous benefits by participating, and the basic premise is to see how much you can give.  Also, to me volunteering is like a fun game, and I love to play it with my team 🙂

AMA-LA:   Where would we find you if you weren’t hard at work right now? (Any hobbies/ favorite places to relax etc.)

SL: I am a beach volleyball junkie!!! Not a big fan of ocean because I am scared of waves, but you can count on finding me on the 72 and sunny California beach when COVID is settled down.


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