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Volunteer with the American Marketing Association Los Angeles.

Volunteering is a wonderful way to leverage your skill, experience, and heart in support of the American Marketing Association’s mission. Our volunteers have the ability to impact our strategic initiatives, advance the study and practice of marketing in Los Angeles and make a real difference in the lives of fellow volunteers. In addition to giving back, volunteers get something valuable in return. You have the opportunity to develop your hard and soft skills and be exposed to technologies, strategies, and people that you would not otherwise have in the workplace. Volunteering with us is the ultimate way to get the most out of your membership.

Get Involved

Benefits of Volunteering

New Connections

Volunteers are always in front of our members, event guests and partners. There’s no better way to build meaningful connections and expand your network than being visible, getting involved and helping to engage with marketers across Los Angeles!

Exclusive Events

Volunteers are invited to volunteer-only events at no charge. In addition, we host several retreats throughout the year with food, beverages and fun activities for all our volunteers.

Professional Development

Volunteers have a pulse on hot-button marketing trends and are exposed to new technologies, media and marketing practices. You have a unique opportunity to expand your marketing capabilities while developing and learning new skills.

Travel & Retreats

Select volunteers will have the unique opportunity to travel to either one of the AMA Regional Retreats and Leadership Summit in Chicago. All travel, lodging and food is typically covered for these trips- just another perk of supporting our chapter and stepping into a leadership role!

Recognition & Awards

Volunteers are recognized for their dedication and hard work throughout the year including our Volunteer of the Month. In addition to our local recognition, National has additional programs for volunteers who go above and beyond like the Ric Sweeney Chapter Volunteer of the Year Award. Explore all awards at the national level HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions about volunteering with our organization? We’re happy to help with answers to our commonly asked volunteer questions here. If your questions still weren’t answered, please CONTACT US.

Volunteers are all individuals, elected or otherwise, a part of our chapter that fulfills various duties, responsibilities, and tasks to advance our mission and make an impact on the marketing community in Los Angeles. Our volunteers oversee membership, create and produce events, secure sponsorships, develop partnerships with key community organizers and more.

All volunteers are given commitment forms as part of their onboarding process to a given position. While these commitments may change you can take a look at what a typical commitment for a volunteer would look like HERE.

NOTE: The commitment form you’re previewing is for a member of the Board of Directors. Commitments vary from position to position.

Yes, volunteers must be current, active members (or soon-to-be members) in order to step into any role in our organization.

Volunteers benefit from both the diverse marketing professionals on our team and the ongoing work we do. Depending on your team, you’ll be working with marketing software, technology, and applications. In addition, you’re learning from other marketing professionals too. You truly unlock a new level of membership while volunteering with us. We’re a pretty awesome team too if we can say so ourselves!

We have numerous teams across the chapter with exciting roles in each that you can explore. These teams include Email Marketing, Web Strategy, Partnerships, Sponsorships, Programming & Events (Social and Educational), Collegiate Relations, Content Marketing, Community Relations, Membership and many more.

If you don’t see a team or position available that resonates with you we encourage you to submit a resume so we can connect with you. We’re always on the lookout for volunteers with unique and/or specialized skills!

The Board of Directors for the American Marketing Association Los Angeles chapter is the primary leadership tasked with overseeing the overall strategic plan for the organization and the board is 100% volunteer-based. This means our team, in addition to our day-to-day- commitments make an additional commitment to support our members, programming and move our organization forward through their collective generosity, expertise, and time.

Our Executive Leadership Team is comprised of the chapter President, President-Elect, Head of Finance and Executive Secretary. This group sets the overall vision for the chapter and manages all operational and strategic aspects of the chapter. In addition to their responsibilities at the local level, the executive team acts as the liaison between the national AMA leadership and our local organization for alignment, reporting, and more.

Our Volunteer Core is the lifeblood of our entire operation. Volunteers support the strategic initiatives of each team and represent marketers from nearly every industry vertical, background, and career level. We wouldn’t be able to accomplish our goals without their continued support, dedication, and service to our organization each and every day.


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