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Volunteer of the Month: Alison Harrison

Each month we celebrate one of the chapter’s amazing volunteers. In October, we sat down with board member, Alison Harrison, to find out more about her volunteer role:

AMA LA: What’s your role with AMA Los Angeles?
AH: I’m the VP of Content Marketing for the chapter

AMA LA: What does that involve?
AH: I’m responsible for setting our content strategy and leading the team that makes sure the chapter has high quality content to support our amazing events, promote volunteering and learning opportunities and tell member stories. I also create the content for our weekly newsletter.

AMA LA: What’s your favorite thing about volunteering with the chapter?
AH: First and foremost, it’s the people! The chapter board is made up of enthusiastic and expert marketers so I’m learning a lot from them, and I love the opportunity to network with members at our events. I’m also really lucky in that I get to interview our educational event speakers, so I get to chat with really interesting influencers, authors, and marketing gurus and share their insights with chapter members.

AMA LA: How does your volunteer role reflect what you do in your day job?
AH: In my day job, I’m a freelance B2B writer and I help clients develop and create all kinds of collateral from web sites to white papers and ebooks. So, my role with the chapter is an extension of what I do with my clients, but it can be a lot more hands on. For instance, I’m currently working with an amazing email marketing strategist on our Email Marketing team, so I’m getting real insights into the data and analytics behind the channel that I usually don’t get to see!

AMA LA: Where would we find you if you weren’t hard at work right now?
My husband and I just moved to LA last year from San Francisco and we’re both total foodies, so you’d probably find me checking out a new restaurant or enjoying a picnic in Griffith Park. Since I’m from the UK and my husband’s Canadian, you’ll also find me on a plane quite often, flying off to visit family.

If you’re interested in volunteering with the chapter, learn more HERE.


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