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Karizz Fabros

Volunteer of the Month: Karizz Fabros

September’s Volunteer of the Month is Karizz Fabros, a second-year volunteer member, recently nominated as the Executive Secretary to the Chapter Board. We sat down with her to find out more about her role and why she loves to volunteer with the AMA:

AMA LA: You’re the chapter’s Executive Secretary – what does that involve?
The Executive Secretary is the communications coordinator for the chapter. I provide administrative support for our members, National, and outside entities. By working alongside the President and our Head of Finance, I also facilitate and advise on team operations and project management.

AMA LA:What’s your favorite thing about volunteering with the chapter?
Gosh, where do I start?!
I love the opportunities it has created for me and being exposed to things I might not have otherwise been in proximity to. I am surrounded by marketing professionals that I am continuously learning from each day. I learn of new dialogue, ideas, concepts, events, companies, documents, programs, and restaurants I didn’t even know existed (lol). No one in the chapter is limited to their role. If you want to understand how Strategic Partnerships or Email Marketing works one day or touch up on your Social Media skills another-you are given the freedom to branch out to different teams and assist with new projects. Networking with these individuals I’ve come across through the chapter has been fundamental to my growth and career path. It’s awesome being a part of this organization that adds value to the community!

AMA LA: How does your volunteer role reflect what you do in your day job?
Having AMA Los Angeles on my resume actually became a talking point during this job interview a year ago as the interviewer (now boss), recognized it. He stated he used to be a member and I believe it helped me snag the job. My role in the chapter does not directly reflect what I do at my current day job in marketing research but I believe with my growth in the chapter and leadership role, it will propel me steps above the career ladder towards my next job.

AMA LA: Where would we find you if you weren’t hard at work right now?
If I’m not at home relaxing with family watching a Lakers/Dodgers game then you can find me out and about with friends hopefully on a new Instagram worthy adventure, brewery, or foodie spot 🙂

If you’re interested in volunteering with the chapter, learn more HERE.




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