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Event Date

Thursday November 30th

Start Time

11:00 AM PST

End Time

12:00 PM PST

Online Event
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Repurpose Past Content with AI: Boost Your SEO & Sales the Easy Way

Make your old content scarily good with the power of AI! In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn how to repurpose your past content to make it evergreen, craft catchier headlines, and optimize it for SEO so you get more visibility, more traffic, and more sales. And all of that in record time the easy way!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to identify and update the key takeaways of your original content
  • How to write clear and concise descriptions that optimize your content for SEO
  • How to use AI content repurposing strategies to save time and create new content from your past content
  • How to craft headlines that will grab attention and drive traffic to your content

This webinar is perfect for content creators of all levels who want to learn how to get more out of their old content. Whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or social media marketer, you’ll benefit from learning how to repurpose your content with AI.

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Ian Cherkowski

Ian Cherkowski is a developer who is passionate about helping artists and companies understand and create profitable NFTs.

This includes project design, smart contract programming, generating images and developing the NFT website.

He is available to brainstorm ideas on how to use NFTs in your business to assist with marketing and generating sales.

He is connected to artists, community builders, website developers and NFT buyers. He attends NFT meetups and conferences.

Executive Director
Stephen Gorgey

With thousands of new marketing strategies popping up every year, most business owners lack the opportunity to determine which strategy will work best for their business.

At the American Marketing Association , we do the research and only share with you proven marketing strategies that deliver results.

In the last 20 years, Stephen has developed over 1,000 digital marketing strategies that resulted in spectacular growth for his clients and earned him a Gold Addy Award.

As the president of the American Marketing Association of Los Angeles, he keeps you informed about
cutting edge marketing strategies
that deliver results so you can stay ahead of the competition.

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