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Mentorship Program

AMA Los Angeles’s mentorship program supports the new generation of leaders within the marketing industry. We connect emerging talent with professionals that are passionate about giving back. Mentees have the opportunity to be matched with a wide array of mentors to gain a deeper understanding of the marketing industry’s business practices and culture, gain expertise, build a professional network, and design realistic goals.

Make an impact

on another marketing professional.

Our goal with this program is to develop lasting professional relationships, improve AMA networking opportunities and provide invaluable career development for both mentees and mentors. Once the relationship is established, it may continue indefinitely, if both sides agree to it.

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participants in the program

Benefits to Mentors

Being a mentor to another professional comes with some serious rewards.

Professional Development

By becoming a mentor, you’re contributing to the professional development of the future marketing workforce.

Sharpen Your Skills

Opportunity to sharpen listening and empathy skills. By listening and helping individuals verbally process their challenges, a professional can be an effective soundboard while helping others (mentees or others on their teams at work) find their own solutions to their problems.

Improve Communication

Being a mentor means you’re honing your communication skills related to consulting and/or giving others advice. It’s a good skill to have and as a mentor, your mentee gets value too!

Share Your Experiences

Give something back to the profession by sharing knowledge and help others avoid some of the missteps or mistakes that can easily be made early in a career.

Learning from Mentees

Being a mentor gives you something in return. Having a mentee gives you new perspective and insight into technologies and trends that you otherwise might not know of.

Benefits to Mentees

Being a mentee puts you on a fast track to career development, exploration and much more.

New Career Paths

You have the chance to learn about alternative career paths, career moves and the various roles across the marketing field available from your mentor. This insight and guidance is an invaluable asset to young professionals.

Gain New Skills

You’ll learn to communicate with senior marketing professionals and gain a new level of confidence in your communication and interpersonal skills. In addition, mentors can point you to software, skills and business tools to help you stand out in the workforce.

Expand Your Network

Mentors help you to expand your professional network and can, in many cases, make introductions from their own connections. You’ll learn how to develop these relationships to begin building your network.

Share Your Experiences

As a mentee, you’re sharing your own professional experiences and perspective which in return, gives your mentor insight and fresh perspective they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Support and Guidance

Having a mentor means you’ve got someone in your career corner to confide in and ask for guidance. You’ve got support through a trustworthy advisor who can help navigate your career with you.

Mentorship Program Eligibility & Fees

Take a brief moment to better understand the eligibility requirements for both mentors and mentees for this program.

Currently employed in the marketing industry with 5+ years of relevant experience. Must be willing to commit to the mentor program for the duration of the program. Preferably current or soon-to-be members of AMA Los Angeles or other professional AMA chapters though we will consider all applicants.

Is a current college student (undergraduate or graduate) OR Has earned their undergraduate degree within the last three years. Preference is given to those who are an active AMA collegiate chapter member and/or Young Professional AMA Los Angeles member. Must be willing to initiate and maintain regular contact with their mentor.

All Mentees – $50 (due upon acceptance into the program)

AMA Member Mentor – FREE
Non-Member Mentor – FREE

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