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A few reasons why joining your chapter of the AMA is a great idea!

  • Events : Most of our events are free for members, and we have most often at least one or two events per month, sometimes more. Nationally, there are also many events with discounted entry for members.
  • Marketing and industry trends:  AMA members receive journals and magazines with the most up to date information and trends in marketing – stay up to date on important research and interesting marketing topics.
  • Network:  our members include the most influential individuals from world-class companies – and by joining the chapter, you gain access to all AMA Members nationally.
  •  Discounts at educational institutions: AMA members receive discounts on marketing courses at the most prestigious universities.
  •  Career Center:  AMA Los Angeles members have access to the national AMA career center for jobs and internships.
  •  Webcast and seminars: At the AMA national website (www.ama.org), members have access to exclusive marketing tools,  podcasts and seminars.
  •  Social media opportunities:  AMA members are invited to contribute to our blog. Bylines included!
  •  Pro Bono: Members have opportunities to contribute their time and knowledge to make a difference to  non-profits and community organizations.

If you are interested in learning more or if you have additional questions, call or email our Membership Team.< LINK to contact details>

If you are ready to join now, visit www.jointheama.com for all the details on membership types and dues, and apply now!


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