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Build Your Brand Story

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Mar 30 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Stephen Gorgey


Stephen Gorgey
(323) 822-9746
[email protected]

Stephen Gorgey is the president of the American Marketing Association Los Angeles and also the organizer of this event.


  • Ryan Taft
    Ryan Taft

    Ryan Taft is the co-founder and CEO of STORYSOFT, co-founder of OnSpot Social, and a self-taught marketer.

    For Ryan, there’s nothing in business more fulfilling than bringing a new idea to life and building a company around it. His love for building businesses started at an early age selling baseball cards at local card shows and then running a small concrete business in college.

    Today, Ryan is putting his passion for marketing, and his entrepreneurial energy, into STORYSOFT — a fast-growing marketing software company who’s enabling brands to humanize their marketing through digital storytelling. Fortune 500 companies across verticals, from life sciences to luxury goods, use the STORYSOFT digital storytelling platform to create emotion-evoking digital stories that break through the clutter and build unbreakable bonds with customers.

    Ryan believes that there are several key factors that go into creating successful companies, but few are more important than the power of relationships.

  • stephen Gorgey
    stephen Gorgey
    President American Marketing Association Los Angeles

    Stephen Gorgey is the president of the American Marketing Association Los Angeles. Part of his duties are to empower the members of his organization with the most effective marketing tools available.

    Stephen spent the last 20 years devising winning digital marketing strategies for his clients. He is a firm believer that marketers often over-complicate the subject matter causing much confusion.

    He believes that exceptional results in marketing can be achieved with little prior experience as long as one uses a few simple but essential rules as well as the appropriate software solution.

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