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Ian Cherkowski

Ian Cherkowski

As a developer with a strong background in database systems, particularly in the ecommerce space, Ian Cherkowski is skilled at designing and developing systems that optimize product data and improve SEO. In addition to his technical expertise, Ian is an experienced conference and exhibition booth organizer and has led a successful monthly meetup group.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Ian is actively involved in charitable efforts. He has participated in a charity that helped him complete his first half marathon, and he has raised money for various causes through social media campaigns and events that have attracted a hundred attendees.

Currently, Ian is excited to be a part of the American Marketing Association, where he is helping to plan and execute events, find speakers and sponsors, and build the Equity Arts program, which supports minority artists. He is always eager to take on new challenges and expand his knowledge, whether it be in the fields of art, personal fitness, AI, or creative real estate.

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