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Volunteer of the Month: Jessica Mercado

Each month we celebrate one of the chapter’s amazing volunteers. In December, we sat down with Jessica to learn more about her role and what she enjoys about volunteering:

AMA LA: What’s your role with AMA Los Angeles?

JM: I’m the collegiate relations ambassador so my role is to build and foster relationships with our collegiate chapters in order to create mutually beneficial relationships.

AMA LA: What does that involve?

JM: I serve as the liaison between the professional chapter and the collegiate chapters. A big part of my role involves coordinating the Mentorship Program. It’s important for us to bring invaluable opportunities for both Mentees and Mentors. As an ambassador I am also responsible for providing career development opportunities to students, whether it’s events, workshops, or just opportunities to network with Marketing Professionals.

AMA LA : What’s your favorite thing about volunteering with the chapter?

JM: My favorite thing about volunteering is the people I’ve met. Everyone that I’ve met has been so willingly helpful and selfless when it comes to sharing their experience. As a student, I will be forever grateful to have worked alongside marketing professionals who care about success as much as they care about people.         

AMA LA: How does your volunteer role reflect what you do in your day job?

JM: I truly believe that in order to be successful you have to have a great team! Whether it’s work or volunteer work; the power of a good team is invaluable. Through my volunteer work I’ve been able to utilize skills I already had, but most importantly learn new ones from other’s experience.

AMA LA: Where would we find you if you weren’t hard at work right now?

JM: 99% of the time you can find me at a coffee shop sipping a hazelnut latte. I also love thrift/vintage shopping. I’m obsessed with the 1970’s, so I’m always on the hunt for hidden gems.


If you’re interested in volunteering with the chapter, learn more HERE.


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