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Licia Wolf AMA-LA Volunteer of the Month Award April 2021

It’s with my deepest gratitude that I am nominating Executive Secretary and distinguished board member Licia Wolf, as our Volunteer of the month.

Licia has been an invaluable asset to this chapter, especially during the pandemic. Even as some of our volunteers wavered in their commitment, she remained steadfast and supportive all throughout.

She never missed a single board meeting, or failed to contribute to our chapter’s content generation, as well as putting together our popular bi-monthly email newsletters.

Her exceptional devotion, commitment, and precious guidance gave me the courage to keep going. Her unwavering faith in our common vision for the chapter was an invaluable driving force in enabling us to reach the ambitious goals we had set forth. So here is to our supportive, reliable, gracious, and smart Licia Wolf!

Stephen Gorgey
American Marketing Association
Los Angeles

We sat down with Licia this past week to discuss volunteering, AMA and more.

AMA LA: What’s your role with AMA Los Angeles?

LW: I am the Executive Secretary.

AMA LA: What does that involve?

LW: I support the president and the initiatives of the chapter. Working closely with the president, I contribute ideas and provide direction for activities, events, budgetary concerns, and anything else that comes up. I organize chapter meetings, make sure our government financial filings are completed, and oversee a few behind-the-scenes tasks.

AMA LA: What is your favorite thing about volunteering for the chapter?

LW: The people on our team are wonderful. I feel lucky to have met and worked with everyone, and I learn something new about marketing all the time. Some of us are specialists, so I learn from them, and others are broad thinkers that look to future trends. For me, it’s the people and acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

AMA LA: How does your volunteer role reflect what you do in your day job?

LW: Being an AMA member keeps me up on what’s going on in marketing today, which allows me to update my practices at work.

AMA LA: Where would we find you if you weren’t hard at work right now?

LW: You might find me taking a walk with my dog, chatting with my dog-owner neighbors. You might also find me hiking in local nature areas. I also love to cook healthy food and (in non-COVID times) having a few friends over to try my delicious fake meat dishes! I look forward to post-COVID when we are all vaccinated!

AMA LA: Thanks so much for your expertise in our email campaigns! We really appreciate your awesome contributions!!

If you’re interested in volunteering with the chapter, learn more HERE.